1. Swapcouch: Swapcouch V.O.F., located in Groningen registered under KvK number: 754502040
  2. Lessee: The person who signed an agreement with Swapcouch.
  3. Lessor: Swapcouch v.o.f.
  4. The leased: The furniture, which is leased by the lessee.


  1. All orders are without obligation and can be revoked at any time by Swapcouch.
  2. All listed prices are including VAT.
  3. The minimum lease period is 3 months, after expiration of the contract, the contract can be extended and will be monthly terminable by both the lessor and lessee. The cancellation period is one month. 2
  4. The contract can be extended indefinitely, provided that this is requested 5 working days before the end of the contract by sending an email to info@swapcouch.nl
  5. Swapcouch supplies new and / or second-hand furniture, this depends on whether it was rented earlier. Photos are always representative; Swapcouch keeps the right to offer an equivalent alternative.
  6. Swapcouch supplies the furniture in different colors; the options regarding the colors for delivery can be discussed with the customer if requested in advance by the customer.
  7. Upon delivery, the lessee must identify himself, and the lessee must prove that he / she is the owner / tenant of the living space at the appointment, contact details of the landlord can be noted.
  8. The lessor ensures that the rented property is delivered in a properly maintained condition on the commencement date of the lease agreement. Upon completion, the parties draw up an official report of completion, in which the condition of the rented property is described.
  9. Delivery takes place at a predetermined place, time and date agreed in advance. In the absence of the lessee, the deliverers of Swapcouch wait a maximum of 20 minutes, if no contact is made, 100 euros will be deducted from the return of the deposit and the first month's rent. If a new appointment is made, Swapcouch will charge another 75 euros for delivery costs.
  10. The lessee will pay the lessor a deposit equivalent to once the monthly rent for the commencement date of the lease agreement.
  11. From the moment that the rented property is delivered in the living space of the lessee until the collection of the leased, the lessee is liable for damage and / or theft to the leased. The current value of the damaged / stolen item will be reimbursed by the lessee.
  12. In the event of excessive pollution and / or damage (other than usage damage) to the leased, the costs for cleaning / repairing / replacing will be recovered from the lessee.
  13. In the event of damage, the lessee must immediately inform Swapcouch via info@swapcouch.nl
  14. In the event of theft, the lessee must inform Swapcouch directly via info@swapcouch.nl and report this to the police.
  15. The leased must be used in accordance with the general terms and conditions and the leased must only be used as furniture.
  16. The leased may not be made available to third parties.
  17. Swapcouch is not liable for damage and / or injury to the lesseee or third parties that can be associated with the leased.
  18. The deposit will be used to cover possible damage, if this is not sufficient, the lessee must transfer the remaining amount to NL46 KNAB 0259 3746 52 In the name of Swapcouch.
  19. The leased will be picked up at the end of the lease at an agreed place, date and time. In the event of absence of the lessee, the same conditions apply as mentioned in point 8 of the terms and conditions. In addition, 50 euros will be charged per week that the rented property is returned too late.
  20. Temporary relocating of the leased to another location, for example in the case of the lessee moving to another place, is not permitted.
  21. Repairing or dismantling the leased is not permitted.
  22. Customer data will not be provided by Swapcouch to third parties.
  23. All orders to which these terms and conditions have been declared applicable are governed by Dutch law.